Mission / Vision

Freudenberg Arts combines visual arts and music as a means to raise awareness and influence change around urban environmental issues. Our projects involve cleanup and care of local parks, including nurturing flora and fauna in the urban New York City area. We have worked with organizations including the Central Park Conservancy, Wild Bird Fund and Audobon Society engaging the local community through artistic and hands on projects including installation art exhibitions, nature walks which include drawing, observation, and foraging, and working directly with birds, reptiles and urban species.



Catherine Freudenberg Traykovski is an artist and printmaker, and the eldest child of a large, multi-generational artistic family. Her father, Albrecht Freudenberg, was a German painter who worked and taught in New York City and Long Island. A graduate of the University of Heidelberg Translation Institute and St. Luke's School of Nursing, Catherine was motivated and inspired by her father's work since early childhood, and has pursued her study of the arts and professional career through workshops and classes, and earned a Masters Degree in Fine Art from The National Academy of Arts Museum and School of Fine Arts in Manhattan. 

In addition to printmaking, Catherine has studied pastel drawing with Gamble Stampli at the 92nd Street YMCA and watercolor and flora painting with Susan Shatter at the Hope Plantation, Jamaica. Cathy has worked with studios such as The National Academy of Arts Print Making Department, Dan Welden Hamptons Additions Art Studio, and Kathy Caraccio Print Making Studio, among many others. 

In 2013, Catherine founded Inspiration Plus, a 501 (c) (3) art and science foundation to teach the art of print-making to children, grades K-12, as well as teachers. By collaborating with museums for children she encourages young people to go outdoors, listen to the music of nature, and then go back into classrooms and create science-related artwork.

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