Bernie Wohl Center Show

Hello everyone! Today I would like to announce an upcoming show starting April 18th at the Bernie Wohl Center. This show will feature an installation based off my works of the Saving the Ocean Deep series. I look forward to seeing you there! Watch this space for more information.

Saatchi Art Page

I am happy to announce that we have opened a storefront on Saatchi Art, an online marketplace for art. At this page, you will soon be able to purchase a variety of items such as greeting cards, prints, and shower curtains. We look forward to selling on our new page! Stay tuned for more info.

Click here to visit the store.

Studio Now Open

Hello all! Today's announcement will be short. I am happy to announce that the studio is now open for visits and purchases! If you would like to come, please send us a message via the contact page on this website or email us at More information is availible on our Google Maps page, mentioned earlier on this blog.

Art Uploads

Hello everyone! What a crowd! The centerpiece of this webpage is the section in which you can view my portfolio, and I have recently been giving it (embarrassingly) very little love. Poor portfolio. I have decided that, in order to nurture my little porfolio page, I will be uploading some new artworks to it very soon! Keep your eyes peeled, folks.

We Now Exist!

Hello everyone! You're probably thinking, where did you come up with that title, genius?  Well, never fear, I have not gone mad! I am rather stating a simple fact - we now exist! On google, of course. In this technological age, google search prescence validates existance. We now have a google maps page! Our exisistance has been validated  !  On this page, you can do many wonderful things such as:

  • Feast your eyes on our wonderful pictures! 
  • View practical information concerning our gallery!
  • And, if you so desire, write us a positive review!

Here is the link: